What the customer sees

Pipeline LandWatch adds a new level of pipeline protection

Pipeline LandWatch (PLW) is an online system and (subscription) service which tracks land activities, (such as ownership changes, development plans, and proposed excavation activities), in the land along a pipeline corridor. PLW’s cost-effective 365/24/7 online digital tracking of land activities, in the vicinity of your pipeline corridor, works in concert with more “traditional approaches” you will currently be applying.

These are some of the challenges that we assist pipeline owners and operators with

  • Plan operations
  • Engage with the community
  • Prevent damage
  • Protect right-of-way
  • Assure safety and compliance

Here's what PLW does

  • Gathers public and private data repositories
  • Maps and screens for land activities and uses
  • Monitors for changes using criteria each operator provides
  • Alerts the operator with mapped event when criteria are exceeded
  • Transmits safety advisories to contractors or occupants for any alerted activity
  • Informs through a secure web console backed by a deep professional team

By subscribing to PLW, as an operator, you can cost-effectively, proactively, identify and respond to land-driven threats to your pipeline.

Here's how PLW works

Information which PLW typically scans is shown on the left-hand side of the figure below, with outputs to pipeline owner/operator clients listed on the right-hand side.

How PLW Works - Detail Figure

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