Pipeline LandWatch LLC (PLW) is a partnership between Terradex, Inc. and Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL). Both companies have operated for more than 35 years in providing strategic, data management, and remediation services to major entities such as Chevron Environmental Management Company, ExxonMobil Environmental Services Company, BP America Inc., Anadarko Petroleum Company, SoCal Edison and PG&E.

Terradex, Inc. powers web and consulting services to create solutions for protecting health and the environment especially at land tracts or sites which have been adversely affected due to the presence of oil releases or hazardous substances. Under PLW, Terradex and PNL have teamed to repurpose Terradex’s well-used and business-trusted core platform, LandWatch, which alerts industrial and environmental agency customers when risky land activities occur above contaminated sites, for similar application along pipeline routes.

PLW Palo Alto Office
PLW Houston Office