• Marc Ferries, P.E., CEO

    Marc Ferries, P.E., CEO

    Marc is a Civil/Environmental Engineer with over 30 years of experience. Prior to joining PNL, Mark managed Site Remediation and developed Exit Strategies for large portfolios of environmentally impacted sites for BP America and the El Paso Corporation. He has implemented innovative treatment options, pursued risk-based site-specific standards, and negotiated allocation agreements at many multi-party sites. Marc has built solid relationships with State regulatory authorities in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Montana, California, Nevada, New Jersey and New Mexico, as well as U.S. EPA Regions IV, VI, VIII, and IX.

  • Bob Wenzlau, P.E., CTO

    Bob Wenzlau, P.E., CTO

    Bob is a civil engineer whose practice area is the long term care of contaminated sites. Bob is proficient in numerous computer languages, database design, and server configuration. Bob envisioned the need for the LandWatch system, and now with Marc, its continued expansion into the pipeline risk management field given the impracticality of complete contaminant removal at a site, and the goal that final remedies be protective if wastes remain in the ground. Bob now serves as the Chairperson of ASTM’s Task Force for Continuing Obligations at Contaminated Properties. Bob attended Stanford University where he received both a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

  • Peter Biffar, M.B.A., P.E., CFO

    Peter Biffar, M.B.A., P.E., CFO

    Peter assists in the business and operations of Pipeline LandWatch. Peter leads Terradex’s diversification into mapping for the energy and sustainability sectors, one result of which is Pipeline LandWatch. Peter has extensive e-commerce experience, being founder and CEO of eCargoService Inc. (booking and reservation system for air cargo industry), partner Internet Business Strategy at USWeb, cofounder of Quantumshift, CEO of Esprit Europe, and an Associate Partner at McKinsey Company. Peter obtained an MBA from Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College; and a BS in Engineering from University of California, Berkeley.

  • Travis Wilson, B.S., Database Manager

    Travis Wilson, B.S., Database Manager

    Travis is a project scientist at Project Navigator, Ltd (PNL). He assists with project coordination duties and is responsible for the implementation of various GIS datasets for use in the spatial analysis of environmental systems, as well as the digitization of pipeline gathering/transmission systems for various complex projects. With years of GIS, pipeline integrity, and asset management experience, he ensures environmental risk sites stay within regulatory compliance by performing site inspections and reporting findings through dynamic figures and technical documentation. Travis has also assisted in the development of other software initiatives related to pipeline integrity and asset geospatial database management. Travis is a geospatial analyst, with a B.Sc. from Texas State University.

  • Ian A. Webster, Sc.D., Advisor

    Ian A. Webster, Sc.D., Advisor

    Ian is the Founder and President of remediation management firm Project Navigator, Ltd., (PNL) and solar power developer, PVNavigator, where he currently serves on the Board of Directors. Ian brings more than 30 years of project and risk management experience from careers at Unocal Corp, and PNL. Ian’s focus within PLW is the continued perfection of a risk identification and service delivery system to pipeline clients for the proactive mitigation of external, land-change, events. Ian is a chemical engineer, with a B.Sc. From Strathclyde University (Scotland), M.S. from Cornell University, and a Sc.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).